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The following Draft LEIS documents are available for download and review. In addition, printed copies for review are also available at these repositories.
There are multiple ways to download these Draft LEIS Documents, which are all in the PDF file format and require the free Adobe PDF reader. If you don't already have this product, you can download it here. Below are a couple of options for downloading:
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Please note that some file sizes are large, and depending upon multiple factors, downloading may be slow. If you experience any difficulties with downloading or viewing these documents, please contact Site Support.
Compilation of Draft Legislative EIS Documents
Draft Legislative EIS and Appendices (132MB; includes Draft LEIS and all appendices in one file – not recommend for viewing in browser)
Individual Documents
Draft Legislative EIS Documents Supporting Studies and Reports Related Documents
Draft Legislative EIS Executive Summary (19MB) Contamination Analysis (11MB) 2010 Nellis AFB Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (9MB)
Draft Legislative EIS: Chapters 1 and 2 (23MB) Desert Tortoise Report (16MB) USFWS Federal Register Eagle Permits Regulations (594KB)
Draft Legislative EIS: Chapter 3 - part 1 (15MB) Economic Impact Analysis (9MB) USFWS Programmatic EIS for the Eagle Rule Revision (4MB)
Draft Legislative EIS: Chapter 3 - part 2 (28MB) Energy and Mineral Resource Assessment Update (89MB) Revised Nevada Bat Conservation Plan (12MB)
Draft Legislative EIS: Chapters 4 - 8 (1MB) Energy and Mineral Resource Assessment Update (89MB) 2025 Air Test and Training Range Enhancement Plan (296KB)
Appendix A – Public Involvement (2MB) Golden Eagles and Raptors Observations Summary Report (27MB)  
Appendix B – Agency Coordination (39MB) Greater-Sage Grouse and its Habitat Report (3MB)  
Appendix C – Noise (1MB) Key Habitats Report (18MB)  
Appendix D – Air Quality (423KB) Land Use Study (63MB)  
Appendix E – Visual Resources (166KB) Large Mammal Report (31MB)  
Appendix F – Wilderness (55KB) Migratory Birds Report (13MB)  
Appendix G – Socioeconomics (923KB) Noise Analyses Report (3MB)  
Appendix H – Biological Resources (1MB) Plant Community Mapping Report (84MB)  
Appendix I – Cultural Resources (76KB) Rare Plants Report (46MB)  
Appendix J – Water Resources (7MB) Roadless Areas Report (13MB)  
Appendix K – Native American Perspective (14MB) Special Status Species Report (49MB)  
  Special Status Species Habitat Range Model Report (72MB)  
  Water Requirements Study (16MB)  
  Wetlands, Floodplains, and Seeps and Springs Report (255MB)  
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